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Supervisory Committee Form

We are listening

Dear Valued Member,
Thank you for contacting the Educational Systems Federal Credit Union Supervisory Committee.  In accordance with the Federal Credit Union Act, the Supervisory Committee performs and oversees audits and investigations to ensure our members' accounts and financial records are safe, sound and adequately protected. One of the committee's responsibilities is to ensure member concerns and complaints are adequately resolved.
If you have a concern or complaint regarding Educational Systems FCU, we ask that you first seek to resolve the issue with Credit Union employees. If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, document the problem in the form provided below.
We will investigate your concerns and complaints in a timely and confidential manner. All information submitted to the Supervisory Committee through this online form is encrypted and secure. Once all applicable information has been reviewed, we will issue a response by mail or email with the results of our investigation.
It's a pleasure helping you,
GĂ©raldine Duval
Supervisory Committee Chair

Supporting Documentation
If you need to provide supporting documentation related to your concern or complaint, please make a note in the details box by indicating that the information will be mailed. Please reference the date of this submission with the documentation. Mail all item(s) to the following address:
Supervisory Committee
PO Box 179
Greenbelt, MD 20768-0179
Privacy Act Statement
This information is solicited to provide the Supervisory Committee of Educational Systems FCU with data that is necessary and useful in reviewing requests received from individuals for their interaction with federal credit unions. The provision of the requested information is voluntary. However, without such information, the ability to complete a review or provide requested assistance may be hindered. It is intended that the information obtained through this solicitation will be used within the Supervisory Committee and provided to Educational Systems FCU management as it relates to the complaint or inquiry. Additional disclosures of such information may be made as required by law.

Certification and Authorization
Please be advised that your submission of this concern or complaint certifies that you have read the Privacy Act Statement and that the information you provided is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. Also, your submission authorizes the Supervisory Committee to investigate this matter.