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Teaching critical thinking skills for real life financial decisions

The FoolProof© program provides over 20 modules of highly interactive, self-guided lessons designed to be used in your classroom or at home. The program offers:

  • Online registration for students
  • Online student progress reports
  • Daily lesson plans and self-scoring test systems

Programs for the classroom

To get started, select a program from the list below and send an email to to enroll your school. Please include your name, school, and what you want to get out of the program.

High school students:
Get up to 22 hours of free, online, video-driven, self-guiding financial literacy instruction taught by teens. Use one module or the entire curriculum.
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Community college students:
FoolProof© Solo, designed for college students, can be used by individuals or schools. The curriculum offers 18 financial literacy and money management topics.
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Programs for home

FoolProof© gives parents the tools needed to pass on important financial skills to high school and college students.
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Working students:
When students start earning a paycheck and living on their own, they need information to help them make smart decisions. Those modules can help you.
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Consumer news:
We're not born knowing how to buy a car or finance a new home. FoolProof© Consumer News features an in-depth guide to these topics and more.
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