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Don’t let your holidays run the risk of fraud category tag image

Don’t let your holidays run the risk of fraud

Don’t let your holidays run the risk of fraud

As the holidays approach please be mindful of these fraud hazards

E-skimming: Third party vendors are a weak link on the e-commerce platform. You can be easily re-directed to a malicious domain where the skimming code can capture your information from the checkout page. From there credit card data would either be sold or used to make fraudulent purchases. Check each purchase carefully.

Social media scams: A newer version of online shopping scams involves the use of social media platforms to set up fake online stores. By using social media to advertise the fake website these fake stories will take your money but you will never receive your order.

Porch pirates: Year-round but especially near the holidays, your packages are vulnerable when left on the doorstep or porch of your home or business.
Shipment update scams: Fraudsters often send a fake email notifying you of a delivery failure or the request for shipping information. The email may look real but it can be linked to malware.

Donations and fake charities: Giving back is a feel good deed this time of year, but be aware of donation scams that may attempt to replicate a charity which means the donation goes directly to the criminal.

How to mitigate fraud:

  • Sign up for transaction alerts to monitor for unauthorized transactions.
  • Think before you click. If an email looks suspicious do your homework before you click.
  • Avoid entering card information on web form, instead use your stored payment information when possible such as Amazon pay or PayPal.
  • Ensure home computers, laptops and mobile devices are protected with antivirus, anti-spyware and a firewall.
  • Use well-known websites for online purchasing and go directly to the website rather than through social media website advertisements.
  • Be cautious for skimming or shimming devices when using ATMs or gas pumps. Try to use the gas pump closest to the entrance door as they are less likely to be a target for skimmers.
  • Review and monitor your accounts daily and report any discrepancies immediately.

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