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MCT Members Online Banking FAQs


Q: LOGGING IN: How Do I Login to Online Banking?
We’ve put together a set of step-by-step Online Banking login instructions for your first login. In addition, here are a few things to keep in mind when logging into Online Banking the first time:

  • New Account Number = User ID
    You should have received a letter from us with your new account number, which starts with a 9. This is also your User ID for Online Banking. You will not be able to login using your old MCT User ID. If you did not receive your account number, please email us with your name and phone number at
  • Password = Last four digits of the Primary Member’s Social Security Number
    This is a temporary password that you will need to change when you first login to Online Banking. This is further explained in the Online Banking login instructions.

Q: INTERNET EXPLORER 10: Is IE 10 compatible with Online Banking?
Most new Windows computers come with IE 10. However, there are a few steps necessary to make IE 10 compatible with your login to Online Banking. Please use the following step-by-step Online Banking with Internet Explorer 10 Guide to correctly configure your browser. If you are comfortable with making quick changes to your browser, simply enable the Compatibility View in the browser for

Q: WRONG CHALLENGE QUESTIONS: I am receiving a challenge question that I did not select.
To protect all member accounts, entering the wrong account number and/or incorrect passwords can often bring up random challenge questions. In this case, you may have entered your account number/User ID incorrectly. Please re-enter your account number/User ID using the instructions in the question above titled 'Logging In: How do I login to Online Banking?'.


Q: CUSTOMIZED ID: Can I customize my User ID?
No. At this time, the User ID = your New Account Number. Thankfully, this functionality will be coming soon.  


Q: VIEWING HISTORY: Do I have access to my Online Banking history?
Your previous history is available through the My$DashboardSM section of Online Banking. Once in that part of the system, look for the export option that allows you to download a CSV file that includes transactions from specified dates. You can also view your history with eStatements located on the eDocuments tab in Online Banking. Here you'll find options for either your account or credit card statement. Simply select the month you want to view. If you haven't signed up for eStatements already, click the Your Preferences tab and choose the eStatements selection option. Switch your Preference from US Mail to Electronic under Services. eStatements will now appear under the eDocuments tab. To switch back to US Mail delivery of your statement, click the Preferences tab and choose the eStatements selection again. Then switch your preferences back to US Mail.

Q: TRANSACTION HISTORY: Where is my transaction history prior to January 1, 2013?
After the system conversion, your transaction history started on January 2, 2013. You can still view your prior transaction history using the instructions in the question above.


Q: LOCKED OUT: I can’t remember the answer to my security question and now I am locked out.
There is a step-by-step process to either reset your password in Online Banking or re-enroll in the system…or both. Click here to download the guide. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


Q: SETUP QUICKEN: Can I use Quicken with Online Banking?
Yes. The Quicken Quick Start Guide will walk you through the process to connect Quicken with your Online Banking account.  

Q: INTEGRATE QUICKEN: How do I integrate Quicken with Online Banking?
Here are some helpful suggestions that have helped many members.

  1. Change the password for Quicken – Educational Systems FCU account to match the new password you set on the Educational Systems FCU banking website.
  2. Right click on the "Educational Systems FCU Account" (or whatever name you have given to your Educational Systems FCU account) and select the "Edit account" command.
  3. Click on the "Online Services" tab.
  4. Click "Remove from One Step Update" (Click OK to accept).
  5. Run the Quicken command File >> File Operations >> Validate.
  6. When the bank data is displayed, select the existing account option and select your existing Educational Systems FCU account that was disabled in step 3.


Q: PASSWORD REQUIREMENTS: Are there any password requirements?
The password must consist of 6-12 characters, made up of a mixture of letters, numbers, lowercase and uppercase. You may also use special characters to further secure your password.

Q: ACCESSING ANOTHER EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS FCU ACCOUNT: I cannot access another account through my Online Banking. What do I do?
You will need to update the password from the other account in Online Banking.

  • Click 'Your Preferences'
  • Click 'Multiple Accounts'
  • There will be a listing of accounts. One or more will be listed as inactive.
  • You will need to click 'modify' next to this account.
  • A page will load where you can re-enter the new password for the linked account.
  • Once this has successfully been submitted, the accounts will be reconnected.


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