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Text Banking and Mobile Browser Banking

Text Banking and Mobile Browser Banking

Q: How do I register my mobile device to use Text Banking and Mobile Browser Banking?
A: After logging into Online Banking, click on the “Access Accounts” tab. Next, click the “Mobiliti” tab. You can then choose one or both of the following services:

  • Text Banking
  • Mobile Browser Banking: Allows you to use your phone or tablet’s standard browser to login to Online Banking.

Once you enter your mobile phone number, you will receive a text message with further instructions to complete the registration process.

Q: How do I use Text Banking?
A: Once your mobile device is registered for Text Banking, send a text to phone number 59289 and enter one of the inquiry codes listed in the box below in the message area. Within seconds, you will receive a text message containing the requested information. Instructions on how to send a text are sent via text during the registration process.

Inquiry Code

Check account balance

View transaction history HIST
Find nearby ATMs ATM plus 5-digit zip code
(Example: ATM 20770)
Find nearby branch locations BRANCH plus 5-digit zip code
(Example: BRANCH 20770)

Helpful tip: Save 59289 to your phone contact list under “Educational Systems FCU Text Banking.”

Q: Why would I receive a text message asking for a "Bank ID"?
A: Because we partner with Mobiliti, a company that provides Mobile Banking, Text Banking and Mobile Browser Banking to many financial institutions, it's possible you may have accounts at another financial that also uses Mobiliti. Therefore, Mobiliti needs to know which financial institution you want information from when you send a text. Our "Bank ID" is ESFCU. You will need to include ESFCU in addition to the inquiry code each time you send a text. For example, to check your balance, you would need to send the inquiry code ESFCU BAL. There should be a space between ESFCU and BAL.

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