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What our members say about us 

We believe in making a difference by helping the members of the education community achieve their financial goals and dreams. Here's what our members have to say about their experience with Educational Systems Federal Credit Union:

I have been a member for 19 years. The recent addition of the Digital Banking is exceptional. I did not know what to expect, but this app erased all doubts. Thanks for this tremendous improvement to an already excellent establishment.

Clarence M.
June 2020
The Contact Center Representative did an outstanding job helping me with my Digital Banking questions. She was wonderfully patient and kind throughout the call and did a spectacular job making sure I had a resolution. She made my day!

Cheryl N.
May 2020
I cannot say enough about the service, kindness and caring help the representative provided. I am so grateful for her assistance, it has been a blessing. Thank you for your employees, they really care!

Naomi B.
May 2020
Thank you so much for all of your financial suggestions that will help me become debt free. You have gone the extra mile to help and I truly appreciate it. I hope that others take a page from your book as you exemplify great member service.

Elisa D.
April 2020
We have always had good member service with the California Branch and will continue to choose them for our family's financial needs!

Bridget L.
April 2020
The Germantown Branch is great. Everyone is so friendly and they treat me like family. They have awesome employees and they are the reason I stay. Keep up the great work.

Ronnie T.
April 2020
The Member Service Representative was professional, well organized and handled our business with respect. We need more people like her in this world today. Many thanks!

Lynette C.
April 2020
The employee I spoke with was so patient and kind during a recent phone call about my account. I am going to tell friends how great the service is at the Credit Union.

Mary B.
March 2020
Many thanks to the employees at the Annapolis Branch for extraordinary customer service, professionalism and caring. Little did I know that my random stop one morning to make a deposit for my daughter would lead to the purchase of my new vehicle. Everyone was extremely helpful throughout the entire experience. Kudos to a great team!

Venita C.
March 2020
We recently transferred some funds within the Credit Union and working with the employees was great. They did a wonderful job of walking us through the process. I can't be more thankful.

Debbie H.
March 2020
I am so thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of your employees. They are some of the best professional contacts I have ever dealt with. On a scale of ten the service is a 12. In these difficult times I am reminded me of the good your Credit Union does.

Wanda M.
March 2020
My first visit to the Bowie Branch was absolutely fantastic. The assistance I received from the employees was extremely informative and helpful. Everyone’s friendly demeanor made straightening out my financial affairs pleasurable.

Susan B.
February 2020
The Clarksburg Branch employees are awesome. Kept up the good work!

Norma H.
February 2020
I've been a member of the Credit Union for almost two decades and I can sincerely say that the service provided there is stellar. In addition to receiving guidance on car loan I was also able to secure an excellent rate! I am a proud member who is grateful for the professionalism and dedication of the employees to their members.

Jessica W.
February 2020
The Credit Union is very convenient to where we live. My husband and I frequently go there to make withdrawals or deposits and the employees make us feel like we’re talking to an old friend.

India B.
January 2020
My experience of opening an account was rewarding. The employees were quite knowledgeable regarding the services and benefits that Educational Systems Federal Credit Union had to offer. I was excited to become a member.

Theresa C.
January 2020
Very professional, friendly employees who are exceptionally helpful to members!

Justin H.
January 2020
The employees always meet all my needs and go above and beyond in making me feel welcome.

Ono S.
January 2020
My visits to the Credit Union have been very friendly, not busy at all. I was in and out quickly which is always great.

Carol V.
December 2019
The employees at the Prince Frederick Branch are the most amazing I have encountered anywhere. They greet everyone with a smile and call them by name. They know their members and always treat everyone with genuine kindness, respect and professionalism. Five-star rating.

Beth C.
December 2019
Great place to handle my financial business. Everyone is helpful and professional.

Tom C.
December 2019
I have been a member for over 25 years and it just gets better and better. My family is at the Forestville Branch. Thank you for the quality service!

Patricia C.
December 2019
Thank you to On-site Financial Services for helping me defer my auto loan payments until February. Pushing the start date of my payment schedule has made it possible for me to give my kids a Christmas this year! This car is the start of the new beginning for me and my children. You have lifted a load that is unmeasurable in words. Thank you so much.

Freda B.
November 2019
I am a longtime member and appreciate the employees for their patience and knowledge during my recent conversation.

Thomas F.
November 2019
I called the Contact Center with some questions about Online Banking. I was so impressed with the outstanding service and patience by the employees as we problem-solved together.

Robert L.
November 2019
Manager and employees are outstanding. Five stars.

Michael F.
November 2019
It is always a pleasure doing business with such a wonderful branch. I would like to give a special thanks to the employees at the Bowie Branch. They were very professional and caring during a loan process with my husband and I couldn't ask for a better people to handle our financial needs.

Evelyn C.
November 2019
Since joining Prince George’s County Public Schools l have had the best experience ever with Educational Systems Federal Credit Union. From the welcome to the outstanding service I continue to receive, the Credit Union has performed above and beyond!

Toval R.
October 2019
Quick action and alertness by the Forestville Branch staff recently helped me from becoming a victim of a fraudulent financial transaction. I have been a member since 2001 and I consider Educational Systems Federal Credit Union my credit union because of the employees who make the Credit Union a real family.

Stephanie N.
October 2019
I have been a member since January 1980 and the Credit Union has always been there to help me. A Member Service Representative most recently introduced me to a Certificate investment opportunity that will help my financial future.

Martie I.
September 2019
I was recently the recipient of outstanding, very cordial assistance during the process of getting an auto loan from the Credit Union. Please accept my appreciation for terrific assistance. I am thankful to be a long-term member.

Paul C.
September 2019
My experience while purchasing my car was much better with the Member Service Representative’s help. Her customer service was great.

Novadene C.
August 2019
As a retired educator and a member of this Credit Union for almost 50 years, I recently had another efficient and pleasant experience with a Member Service Representative in the Cherry Hill Branch who has helped me with car loan questions and day-to-day business on many occasions. She is an asset to the organization.

William B.
July 2019
I really appreciate the time and effort that the Credit Union gave me during my mortgage refinance process. This experience has been positive and supportive. The Credit Union service is the best that I personally have experienced.

Chris J.
June 2019
I just wanted to share about my positive experiences with the Waldorf Branch. The employees there are always friendly and helpful, and they go above and beyond with their service. I've had positive encounters with each employee there.

Rachel P.
May 2019
Thank you for your continued support with our educators and community. Talbot County is glad that Educational Systems FCU is here to support us by providing valuable financial tools and resources on a consistent basis.

Key Contact from Talbot County Public Schools
May 2019
Thank you again for hosting our Young Entrepreneurship Program class; the students and staff really enjoyed the tour. Pathways School is very lucky to have a partner like Educational Systems FCU.

Anthony H., Career Path Program Coordinator
May 2019
The Member Service Representatives at the Bowie Branch have assisted me on numerous occasions with the settling of a family member's account who has transitioned to another place of peace. They have an awesome disposition when it comes to resolving things not going the way they are supposed to.

Lisa R.
April 2019
Your work is remarkable. There are not many lenders who do a great job like you!

Monica M.
April 2019
I have been a member for many years and my recent Auto Buying Service experience has been the best. From start to finish, the process was easy, convenient, and even enjoyable. The experience was above and beyond anything I ever expected and made the transactions stress-free. I have been a Credit Union member for about six years and I am so happy with the service I receive. The employees address me by name when I arrive and are always so pleasant and helpful. Thanks for everything you do!

Anita P.
March 2019
I want to commend the team at the Bowie Branch. They are professional, credible and accountable. Their contributions to support the mission of the education community is of passion and confidence.

Lisa R.
March 2019
I want to let you all know how helpful Maria was to me this afternoon in getting a personal loan. Her advice, persistence and professionalism were so refreshing! I walked out less than an hour later with a loan better than what I'd anticipated. There really is no substitute for personal service, and Maria certainly set a standard today. She is truly a gem!

Matthew P.
March 2019
Isaac recently helped me apply for two loans.  He was very courteous, professional and helpful.  It was a pleasure working with him today and it adds to the list of why I'm proud to be a member of the Credit Union.

Yvette J.
February 2019
Thank you for coming to our class and sharing financial information with us!

Leonardtown High School, Financial Mathematics Class
February 2019
I have been a Credit Union member for years.  Tricia in the Prince Frederick Branch is wonderful, she provides fantastic service and follow-up communication.

Michael J.
February 2019
Fatai provided exceptional service while helping me open a checking and savings account. After opening the account, I told him I was in the market for a new car and he told me about the Credit Union's great financing options and walked me through the loan process. He spoke with me about add-on products and I was pleasantly surprised to know what was available. Fatai made me feel comfortable through the whole process and I will be back in the future for more services.

Natalie B.
January 2019
I recently applied for a Personal Loan to consolidate my debt. Maria went above and beyond and really cared about my situation.  Regardless of the outcome of my application, I am really pleased with my experience and would recommend the Credit Union to anyone.

Alyssa K.
January 2019