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What our members say about us 

We believe in making a difference by helping the members of the education community achieve their financial goals and dreams. Here's what our members have to say about their experience with Educational Systems Federal Credit Union:

Isaac recently helped me apply for two loans.  He was very courteous, professional and helpful.  It was a pleasure working with him today and it adds to the list of why I'm proud to be a member of the Credit Union.

Yvette J.
February 2019
Thank you for coming to our class and sharing financial information with us!

Leonardtown High School, Financial Mathematics Class
February 2019
I have been a Credit Union member for years.  Tricia in the Prince Frederick Branch is wonderful, she provides fantastic service and follow-up communication.

Michael J.
February 2019
Fatai provided exceptional service while helping me open a checking and savings account. After opening the account, I told him I was in the market for a new car and he told me about the Credit Union's great financing options and walked me through the loan process. He spoke with me about add-on products and I was pleasantly surprised to know what was available. Fatai made me feel comfortable through the whole process and I will be back in the future for more services.

Natalie B.
January 2019
I recently applied for a Personal Loan to consolidate my debt. Maria went above and beyond and really cared about my situation.  Regardless of the outcome of my application, I am really pleased with my experience and would recommend the Credit Union to anyone.

Alyssa K.
January 2019
I would like to recognize the great service I received from Crystal at the Annapolis Branch. Thank you, Educational Systems Federal Credit Union, for providing me with the support to achieve my financial goals!

Donte W.
December 2018
Cynthia creates an upbeat, welcoming and responsive environment in the Prince Frederick Branch. In her usual resourceful, diligent and efficient manner, Cynthia reviewed and patiently clarified our situation. She effectively facilitated the successful transaction for us to accomplish our goal. She is a manager we can count on!

Kenneth H.
December 2018
I would like to thank you for the service that I always receive from Faustina, at the Rockville Branch. She is smart, courteous, patient, competent and friendly. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else, because you know how to hire and train the right people!

William M.
November 2018
I am writing to let you know of the superior member service experience I had with Tywan during my mortgage process. Tywan stayed in contact and was diligent in making sure I had all of the required documentation to keep my application on track. 

Bernice H.
November 2018
Yaneth helped me and handled my needs with professionalism, patience and a sense of humor. Her professional manner and genuine concern for members are a great display of the Credit Union difference. 

Judy H.
October 2018
The information Terry provided in his presentation was enlightening. He was friendly and knowledgeable and when I left I felt smarter about my money.  

Shelly T.
October 2018
I would like to give a special thank you to Yannick. He went above and beyond when I needed help managing my auto loan. I truly appreciate the kindness I receive during every encounter with Educational Systems Federal Credit Union. I look forward to continuing to work with your Credit Union for my future financial needs.

Tracey H.
October 2018
Thank you to Tywan for your professionalism, hardwork and kindness through our loan process.

Sybil S.
September 2018
I want to show my sincere appreciation for the assistance my family received, from Tokilya, while out of the country. I was most impressed with her calm persistence in finding a way to resolve the issue. No words can explain my gratitude for the way Tokilya took care of us.

Kathryn T.
August 2018
My wife and I recently opened an account at Educational Systems Federal Credit Union and were lucky to meet Maria at the Rockville Branch. The process of opening an account was easy and Maria, being a highly skilled and experienced professional, answered all of our questions and helped us to resolve and finalize our concerns on account usage, planning, assets distribution and many others. We are very thankful to Maria for her professionalism and help.

Yelena G.
August 2018
Taron did a great job explaining the loan payoff process to us. Her assistance was greatly appreciated and made the whole process seamless.

Jorge M. and Kristin C.
August 2018
I would like to thank you for the service that I always receive from Faustina, at the Rockville Branch. She is smart, courteous, patient, competent and friendly. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else because you know how to hire and train the right people.

William M.
August 2018
I had a wonderful car buying experience with the employees at the Middlebrook Branch. I would like to acknowledge Elvie, Liza and Angel for their kindness and expertise.

Elaine B.
July 2018
Many thanks to Taron for helping us through the HELOC process. She has been wonderful in explaining everything we needed to complete our HELOC. I cannot thank Taron enough for working diligently to make sure our needs were met.

July 2018
Thanks to Dave and the Auto Buying Service at Educational Systems Federeal Credit Union, our new car was just delivered. Rather than sitting for hours at a dealership and having to deal with salespeople, Dave and his team took care of everything. The entire process was smooth and painless. We got the car and the price we wanted.

Sue K. and Virginia A.
July 2018
I went to the Rockville Branch to seek assistance in resolving a problem with my checking account and Visa credit card payment. I had the great fortune of having Isabel help me. I was very pleased with her professionalism. She was able to identify the problem and worked diligently to resolve the issue. Isabel is a valuable member of your team and I look forward to seeing her again.

Patricia T.
June 2018
My wife and I recently visited the Rockville Branch and met with Maria. She helped us explore the different ways we could build our credit and walked us through all of the products and services that you offer. My wife and I were so amazed by Maria's knowledge of the Credit Union. Maria helped us get a credit card with a lower interest rate than our current one. We want to give a special thanks to Maria for the time and effort she puts into her work.

Nick D.
June 2018
For the second time we used the Credit Union's Auto Buying Service and as before the response was excellent. Dave found the car that we wanted at a very good price. He accompanied us to the dealer and stood by as support throughout the buying process. Thank you, Dave. I will definitely recommend this service to other members of Educational Systems Federal Credit Union.

Judith O.
June 2018
I had a wonderful experience in your Rockville Branch yesterday. I will be away all summer and was panicked about getting my summer savings since I am leaving next week. Isabel was kind enough to step in and take care of me. She was very professional and accommodating and I truly appreciate it.

Nia C.
June 2018
I am writing this letter of commendation for Jackie and her excellent customer service. Jackie took the time to walk me through the entire loan process of purchasing a vehicle. Jackie's excellent customer service helped ease the process of purchasing a vehicle. I would recommend anyone apply for a loan with Educational Systems FCU and personally ask for Jackie so hat she can help through the loan process.

Stephanie D.
June 2018

I want to give our commendations to Maria on her excellent customer service. She was very patient, took the time to answer all our questions and gave us good recommendations that fit our needs. We have observed that most people wait for Maria's help and knowledge. We also experienced her tireless effort in working to meet customer needs. In short, we rate her a perfect 10 out of 10! We thank you for such an incredible service.

Emmanuel and Regina
June 2018

I would like to commend your employee Grace. She works at the front desk of the Aspen Hill Branch. She greets everyone and is very professional and friendly. When my credit card was compromised in May, Grace helped me to resolve the issues I was facing. She was kind, reassuring and listened to my anxieties concerning the ordeal. Grace took care of everything. She stated, "This is what I'm supposed to do."  Thank you for going above and beyond to help me.

Theresa E.
June 2018

Thanks so much for your help, Deborah. I really appreciate the communication and how smoothly this has gone. As you're a working person, I'm sure you can understand that sometimes it gets really challenging to take care of your own life. So when someone really helps you – it's special. Thanks for being a special person. When I get some things done at the house, I'll remember how you made it possible. Too often we don't take the time to say what should be said. I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that you are much appreciated.

Lynn B.
May 2018

I was assisted by Maria who was absolutely wonderful and very professional when providing me with answers and advice on my concerns. It's always great to interact with individuals such as Maria who know the essence of customer service and are dedicated to their job. I was very satisfied and appreciate her help. She is definitely an asset to the Credit Union.

Kouami M.
May 2018

I had another great experience with Dave at Educational Systems Federal Credit Union. This is the second car he has helped me buy through Herb Gordon Nissan with Jim Porter. Both men were great listeners, supportive and helped me make this purchase. Dave was very attentive, answered all of my questions and gave sound advice. Abby was my loan officer and she was also great. She walked me through everything and called me to notify me of all changes and kept me informed of how the process progressed. Dave makes the process go smoothly and I can't thank him enough for getting me the car and price that I wanted. I would definitely recommend using Educational Systems FCU and contacting Dave to help you purchase a new or used car.

LaShonne W.
May 2018

It was a professional delight to speak with Kalpana. I sincerely appreciate her stellar professional customer service acumen, clarification and explanation, active listening skills, and understanding that she conveyed. I wanted to apprize her that the matter has been resolved.

Thank you for the recommendation to contact Kalpana articulated by one of the Customer Service Agents, Mikahla. I applaud the services that I recevied. Thank you, both, again for your time and spirited cooperation.

Crystle S. H.
May 2018
I went to my local Educational Systems Federal Credit Union in Rockville, with which I have been a member for the last 20 years, to see about pre-approval for a car loan. I was directed to a loan officer, Maria. We established my credit and a tentative approval for a loan. I proceeded to a local dealer and reached agreement on a particular car and price. Then I brought the purchase order back to Maria to finalize the loan.

From the outset I presented a very difficult problem to Maria and time after time she would devise a plan to get around my limitations and then an unexpected impediment would come up. Maria devoted an inordinate amount of time to trying to find a solution that would allow completion of this loan.

Throughout all of this Maria is unfailingly cheerful, kind and resourceful. She was ungrudging of her time and effort and would not quit working to find a solution. She continually exhibited a positivity that was exceptional. Such people are hard to find. They make a workplace successful and result in a pleasurable experience for all involved.

Van S.
April 2018
I am writing to commend Tiffany, Relationship Manager, for her continued partnership with Old Mill High School. Tiffany has been an active member of the Signature: International Economics & Finance program community stakeholder’s team (ICST) for the last two years. She volunteers as an interviewer for our Mock Interview Program, through which we provide a professional interview experience for all of our eleventh grade students. She attends regular meetings, has been a guest speaker in several courses and, most recently, participated in our Middle Years Program Personal Project Showcase.

We are truly grateful for her partnership with Old Mill. Her involvement with multiple events and programs here demonstrates her commitment to our students and her interest in connecting them to opportunities they might not have otherwise. Tiffany is a valued partner and a generous and kind person, and we are fortunate to have her as a business partner.

Joshua W.
April 2018
I want to write to express my thanks for Janet's help as I went through the process of changing my car title from one state to another. There was a mix-up in which Educational Systems Federal Credit Union was erroneously listed as the lien holder on my title, which is why I needed to reach out to Janet for help. Though I don't have an account with Educational Systems FCU, I speak honestly when I say that when I have the need to do so, I will seriously consider opening my next account at Educational Systems FCU now that I have 1) learned about Educational Systems FCU, and 2) experienced the customer service that your employees perform. She helped make an extremely stressful situation much less so by being patient, understanding and helping to provide me with the documents that I needed to ensure that I got them in a timely manner. She even faxed them directly to the MVA when, at the last moment, they decided that they wouldn't accept either of the other forms that I provided.

Thank you again, Janet, for your positive attitude and patience with my many calls and emails. Your help was greatly appreciated, and there was no way that I could have gotten my paperwork in on time without your help.

Netashia B.
March 2018