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Educational Systems University offers free curated resources to help you achieve financial wellness.

Educational Systems University can help you master your money

Financial seminars and counseling
Improve your credit
Protect your identity

Your hub for financial education

Educational Systems University offers free curated resources to help you achieve financial wellness including articles, podcasts and webinars, financial calculators and Tools for the Classroom.

Financial Education Seminars

Work with a certified financial counselor to create a budget and get your finances on track. 

LearningLab+ by GreenPath

Experience free online education with GreenPath. 

Paying for college begins with a plan

We can help you create a plan to pay for college using a Credit Union savings account and certificates. We also give you access to professionals at Ap Financial Planning to help you.

Identity theft protection

We have the tools to help you protect your personal information from identity theft.

Climbing the Money Ladder

Save with a ladder of certificate accounts. 

Understanding Your Credit

Explore the many ins and outs of your credit score. 

Auto Loan Financing 101

Find out what you should consider before shopping for an automobile. 

Create a Savings Plan

Explore different ways to increase your savings and plan for the future. 

Creating a Budget 101

Budgeting can become a task; we have the tools for you to get your finances in order. 

Wise Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

It can be exciting when you receive your tax refund; here are practical ways to make that money last. 

Improving Your Financial Fitness

Explore helpful habits to help keep your finances in check. 

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Use our handy calculators to calculate a loan payment, budget your money and more.
Free lessons for use in your classroom or at home.
Checking and Savings Rates
Explore rates across our accounts.