Discover how Educational Systems Federal Credit Union keeps your data and information safe. 

Financial privacy

Educational Systems Federal Credit Union respects the personal and financial privacy of all of its members. We are committed to protecting the information on and within our website with the same safety and confidentiality standards utilized in the transaction of all Educational Systems FCU business. View our Privacy Notice.

Generally, Educational Systems FCU does not collect personal information from users of its website. However, we do collect and store non-personal information for the express purpose of tracking website use in order to improve design, service and/or site navigation tools.

Educational Systems FCU is not liable for the content or availability of any sites linked to our site. Educational Systems FCU does not endorse nor is it affiliated with any third-party entity which may have provided a link to this website, unless specifically stated. Likewise, Educational Systems FCU does not endorse, nor is it necessarily affiliated with any entity to which you may link from this website.

The Credit Union's website requires the use of 'cookies'. These small pieces of information are stored on a visitor's web browser. Cookies actually help protect the privacy of a member's transaction by automatically terminating online sessions if the member forgets to log out. Cookies cannot be used to capture a user's email address, obtain data from the user's hard drive or obtain confidential or sensitive information about the user.

  • Firewalls – Protects our computers from online attacks, break-ins, and snoopers.
  • Your Password – Only with the secret password you create are you able to access and review your account information.
  • Privacy Notice – Our Privacy Notice is observed by our dedicated employees to ensure your privacy is maintained at all times.

Personal identification information may be collected when a member has registered for Digital Banking. This information enables the Credit Union to restrict access to a member's account by anyone other than the member.

Online forms and applications that allow completion and online submission will only be executed in a secured site environment. Personal information provided by a user via any of Educational Systems FCU's online forms is used only to process the member's request for service.

To respond to inquiries for service or information, Credit Union employees may use personal information that has been initiated and transmitted to Educational Systems FCU by the member.

Since email messages may not be secure against interception by unauthorized individuals, Educational Systems FCU encourages users to seek alternatives to email when it is necessary to provide sensitive or personal information. Educational Systems FCU will likewise not transmit information by email that could compromise a user's privacy.

A security vulnerability named the Heartbleed Bug has caused an online concern since the bug affects OpenSSL websites. At Educational Systems FCU, we do not use OpenSSL software. In addition, we continually evaluate our systems for potential vulnerabilities, ensuring your account information remains safe and secure.