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Board of Directors Nominations

2023 Board of Directors Nominations

The Nominating Committee has nominated the individuals listed below for the Board of Directors for a term of three years.

Chelsea Clute, Incumbent
Chelsea is an Executive Director of a community college foundation. She previously held development roles in higher education. She has served on the Board for one year.

George D. Denny, Jr., Incumbent
George Denny is a retired teacher, counselor and administrator of a public school system served by the Credit Union. In addition, he has served as a local town council member and mayor. He has served on the Board for 16 years and previously served on the Supervisory Committee for four years.

Election nominations

The election will not be conducted by ballot and there will be no nominations from the floor if the number of nominees equals the number of positions to be filled. Nominations may be made by petition by obtaining signatures of 500 members and providing a statement of qualifications, biographical data and a signed certificate from the nominee stating that he/she is agreeable to the nomination and will serve if elected. This information must be provided to the address listed below by February 15, 2023.

Secretary of the Board of Directors
c/o Sabina Lilley
PO Box 179
Greenbelt, MD 20768-0179

Join us at our Annual Meeting

Thursday, April 27, 2023
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