Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Banking

If you have a checking account, you can use this feature by selecting Pay Bills from the left menu. Payments are made from a checking account. If you have money in another account, first make an Internal Transfer to your checking account. Then, you can schedule or modify payments using a web browser or the Digital Banking app.

To use Bill Pay, a home phone number and mailing address must be on record with the Credit Union. To update your information, click on the right menu (person icon) and select Profile.

All payments must be scheduled prior to 5:00 pm on business days. Anything paid after 5:00 pm can be scheduled for the next available date. If the payment is paid by check, it can take four days for the merchant to receive it. When you enter an amount for payment, Bill Pay automatically displays the earliest date you can select for the company or person to receive payment. You can either accept the date or change it to a later one.

If the payment is sent electronically, the money for the payment is withdrawn from your payment account on the pay date. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Bill Pay prints a check and sends it to the billing address. For some checks, the money for the payment is withdrawn on the pay date. For others, the money is withdrawn when the company or person deposits or cashes the check. You can, however, see a record of the payment being processed on the date you requested.

Due to the enhancements to the system, you will not be able to view past bill history on the new Bill Pay system. However, you can view your past payments in your share draft account history in Digital Banking. Bill Pay history is available on the system.

This is because the payment is a "Draft Check." A Draft Check is a check drawn on your account and mailed to the payee a few days before the due date. The funds for the payment are deducted from your account when the payee cashes the check, just as if you wrote the check yourself. You can, however, see a record of the payment being processed on the date you requested it to be paid.

It means that the payment is scheduled to be made on the date you requested.

It means that the payment has been processed by our Bill Pay system but not yet received by the payee.

Yes, but not after it has started processing.

CheckFree, who processes our bill payments, uses Bank of America for processing. It has nothing to do with your payees.

Please contact us. We will investigate the matter.

It means that you can get your bills electronically for that payee. No more paper bills in the mail.

No. Just click on log in and you will be redirected back to your account summary page.

Click on "Pay Bills" next to Enrollment Options. It will take you directly to the Payment Center screen.

There will be an icon to the left of your payee. Move your cursor over the icon and this information will show: "New window: Automatic payments have been set up for (name of payee)."

You may not have completed the total process. After setting up the payment you must go to the bottom of the window and click on "Make Payments." It will take you through two more screens so that you can review, make changes or cancel the payment. On the last screen you will click "Finished."

The recurring payment will show in the Recent Payments section and your next scheduled payment will show in the Pending Payments section.

Pending Payments Table
Biller Amount Pay Date
VERIZON RE... $54.00 12/05
*xxxxx Change Cancel
WASHINGTON... $106.00 11/14
*xxxxx Change Cancel
Total $160.00
Recent Payments
Recent Payments Table
Biller Amount Pay Date
VERIZON RE...*xxxxx $54.00 11/05
WASHINGTON...*xxxxx $37.00 10/30
Total $91.00