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Financial Resources

Creating a budget 101

Creating a budget can be a fun and exciting way to get your finances in order and start your financial wellness journey. Through the process, you will discover your spending habits and identify ways to save more to achieve your financial goals and dreams.

Here are the three steps to create a monthly budget along with worksheets to help you get started.

Step 1: Set goals (Download worksheet)
Step 2: Track your spending (Download worksheet)
Step 3: Create a budget (Download worksheet)

You can also register to use BalanceTrack, which offers educational modules on different topics as well as podcasts. The Money Management module covers the steps listed above.

Here to help

For assistance with creating your budget, schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]. We make it easy for the education community to take care of financial matters by visiting schools to review your financial picture and create a plan to help you achieve financial wellness.

*Worksheets and BalanceTrack are provided by our partner Balance.