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Set yourself up for a brighter future by creating a savings plan.

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Saving to reach financial goals

Creating a savings plan helps you lay the foundation for a secure financial future. It can prepare you for unforeseen expenses and contribute to the success of your long-term financial goals related to homeownership, education or retirement.

A good savings plan is backed by proper money management skills, which is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with subjects related to financial wellness such as credit scores, debt management and mortgage assistance.

Get started today

  • GreenPath Financial Wellness offers resources and downloadable guides to help improve your financial health. Students, homeowners and individuals preparing to retire can benefit from the myriad of information they provide.*
  • Schedule a financial checkup with our Business Development team. We make it easy for the education community to take care of financial matters by visiting schools to open accounts and review your financial picture. Schedule an appointment by emailing [email protected]

At Educational Systems FCU, we offer several solutions to grow your savings with confidence.

Premium Summer Pay

Saving a portion of every paycheck during the school year through Direct Deposit can help you save for the summer months.

Money Markets

Higher rates help you save with flexibility.


Whether you’re saving for a college education or a down payment on a house, grow your savings with confidence.


Save for the future with one of the best savings tools available.

Take advantage of rates by building a certificate ladder.

Learn more about how we can help you save.

Get Smart About Saving

Financial Resources
Tools to help you achieve financial wellness.
Financial Education Seminars
Schedule a seminar to learn about various financial topics.
Checking and Savings Rates
Explore rates across our accounts.

*Worksheets and resources provided by our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness. If you contact GreenPath for Counseling Services, you will be directed to a website owned and operated by GreenPath. The Credit Union is not a party to any agreement between you (or your family members) and GreenPath and does not receive any information from GreenPath regarding the services they provide (including any information about you or your family members that would constitute personal data). Please carefully review GreenPath’s terms of service and privacy policy to understand your relationship with GreenPath.