Credit Card Fraud Monitoring

Our Fraud Monitoring Service tracks suspicious account activity to keep members safe.

Keep your accounts safe

Monitor your transactions
Detect and report suspicious activity
Stay updated with text messages

Fraud Monitoring Service

To keep our members safe, we use a Fraud Monitoring Service to track debit card and credit card activity. If suspicious activity is detected, you will be contacted to validate your transaction(s).

  • Text Message (new feature): A text message will be sent to the mobile phone number we have on file for your account. If there are multiple transactions, you’ll receive a separate message for each dollar amount. You can respond to the message with “yes” (to authorize the transaction) or “no” (to not authorize the transaction). If you choose “no”, your card will be blocked to prevent further unauthorized transactions and you will be directed to contact the Credit Union at 301.779.8500 to request a new card. To opt out of receiving text messages to your mobile device, respond to the text with “Stop”. Instead, you will receive a phone call to the primary phone number that we have on file for your account.
  • Phone: A phone call will be made to the primary phone number that we have on file for your account. If there is no answer, a representative will leave a message requesting a call back to validate the suspicious transaction(s).

Keep your contact information updated

It’s important to keep your contact information up-to-date in the event we need to reach you. This can be done by logging in to Digital Banking and following these steps:

  • Click on the gears icon to the right
  • Select “Profile”
  • Complete the fields for email address, phone numbers and address
  • Select “Submit”

Contact us to report suspicious account activity.

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