Secured Loans

Use money in your Educational Systems FCU savings or certificate account as collateral to get a great rate.

Enjoy dividends and great rates

Use your savings as collateral
Earn dividends on your savings
Pay lower interest rates

Get the money you need and continue saving

If you're building your credit or need money to cover expenses, you can borrow against your savings at Educational Systems FCU with a Shared Secured or Certificate Secured Loan.* Since you're using your savings as collateral, you'll pay a lower interest rate than those typically offered on credit cards or unsecured loans. Both loans allow you to continue to earn dividends on your savings while getting a competitive loan rate.

Share Secured Loan

You can borrow up to the amount you have on deposit in your savings account for up to 120 months. The loan rate is your savings rate plus 3.00%.

Certificate Secured Loan

You can borrow up to the amount you have on deposit in your certificate account for up to the remaining term of your certificate. The loan rate is your certificate rate plus 3.00%.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may mail your loan payment, pay online by transferring funds from a checking/savings account (please note that you must be set up for Digital Banking), or you may pay in person at any of our branch offices. In addition, you may set up a debit from another bank account or create a distribution from a direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Get the money you need while enjoying lower interest rates.

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* Applications are subject to credit qualifications and approval. Actual rate is based on your credit history. Must meet membership eligibility requirements.