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Paying bills online is safe and convenient with Bill Pay

With Bill Pay, you can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check, automatic debit or cash. This includes companies, friends, family members, and service providers, such as the babysitter or the plumber. If the payee is not able to receive payments electronically, we'll mail a check for you automatically. All we need is the payee's name, address and phone number.

Pay your bills on time, every time

Schedule recurring weekly, monthly or annual payments, or set them up as needed and have the bill paid within five days. This ensures your payments are made on time and you avoid any late fees.
We also offer the option to receive an eBill, which is an electronic version of a bill or statement. When your eBill arrives, it appears in the Payment Center of Bill Pay. From there, it's easy to schedule your payment.

Get started today

Simply log in to Digital Banking, select the "Pay Bills" from the left menu and accept the Terms of Service." From there, follow the prompts to set-up your payments. Once you've logged in to Bill Pay, there's a Help Center tab where you can find Frequently Asked Questions.

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Helpful tip
Once you've set-up your bills through a computer, you can schedule payments using our Digital Banking app.
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