Pay a Person

A fast and easy way to send money in Digital Banking.  

Pay a Person

Fast and easy way to send money
Make multiple payments
Available in Digital Banking

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to send money, we have you covered with our Pay a Person feature that’s available in Digital Banking. All you need is an Educational Systems FCU checking account and Digital Banking access. Multiple payments can be made in a day up to $300.

How to send money

Once you log in to Digital Banking, choose “Pay a Person” from the left menu and click on “Make a Payment”. Complete the fields and click on “Submit”. Then, let the person know the “Secret Phrase”. They will receive either an email or text (depending on what you selected) with a link to accept the payment. To receive the funds, the recipient will need to enter the “Secret Phrase” along with their debit card details or their account number and routing number of their financial institution.

Protect yourself against fraud

It’s easy being an online consumer these days; and it’s also never been easier to split the bill with your friend after a great meal. Using apps to conduct transactions like these is a popular option, but keep in mind that not all financial service apps are not alike and it could cost you if you use the wrong one.There is a distinct difference between apps used for business or merchant transactions such as buying an item from an online vendor and “P2P” apps, also known as “Peer-to-Peer” or “Person-to-Person” type of transactions. Any “P2P” transactions using our Credit Union Visa® cards are not covered in the event of fraud.

Tips to avoid falling victim to fraudulent purchases:

  • Separate business and personal: Anyone selling products or services online becomes a merchant. Some “P2P” services do not support handling disputes and many credit card companies leave it up to the buyer to resolve disputes.*
  • That said, choose a vetted service app and confirm that any merchant transaction disputes will be addressed by the company.
  • Keep all of your apps updated. Don’t leave yourself open to hackers. Keeping your apps updated with the latest software is a good defense against a security breach and offers the best way to protect yourself.

Secure payments protect your financial security

Consumer Reports offers more information about ways to protect your financial security online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Call the Credit Union at 301.779.8500 during regular business hours.

From the Digital Banking app or web browser log in screen, click on “Forgot Password”. From there, enter your account number, social security number, date of birth, zip code and username to complete the verification process.

The password must be a minimum of eight characters and include the following:
• At least one upper case letter
• At least one lower case letter
• At least one number
• Optional: One special character: (!@%$^&*_+= () [] {} :;,./?)

*Visa’s Zero Liability Policy does not cover “P2P”, “Peer-to-Peer” or “Person-to-Person” transactions.