Mobile Check Deposit

Deposit checks in Digital Banking using the camera on your smartphone.

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Deposit checks from anywhere at any time
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With Mobile Check Deposit, you can deposit checks from anywhere at any time using Digital Banking. It's as easy as logging in to Digital Banking, selecting "Deposit Checks" from the menu options and following the prompts.

Proper check endorsement

It's important to properly endorse your check to avoid extended holds.* Please include the following: Your Signature For Mobile Deposit Only to ESFCU

The back of a check with a signature and "For mobile deposit only to ESFCU" under the signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose “Deposit Checks” from the left menu and click on “Deposit a Check”. Choose a savings or checking account, enter the amount and then use your smartphone to take a picture of the front and back of the check. You can also upload a check image using a web browser. First, take a picture of the front and back sides of the check, save it to your computer and then follow the steps above to upload the images. Please note that the image needs to be a JPEG/JPG file. PNG file types are not accepted. To convert a PNG file to JPEG or JPG, open the file, select “File”, click “Save As” and choose the JPEG/JPG file type.

To properly endorse your check, include the following:
Your Signature
For Mobile Deposit Only to ESFCU

For best results, ensure the image of your check is inside the four corners of the box by zooming in or out as needed. The Digital Banking system won’t allow you to proceed unless the image is clear. In addition, use the proper check endorsement as indicated above. Keep the original check for five business days after the deposit is posted as you may be required to submit the original check.

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*Without proper endorsement, your deposit may be placed on extended hold and you may be required to provide the original check. In some cases, your deposit may be reclaimed up to 12 months later.