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Opening Accounts

Q: How do I open a new account?
A: To open your basic savings account, visit one of our offices or download a PDF of our membership application. Once completed, the application can be mailed to our Greenbelt location along with copies of requested identification documents. Interest is paid quarterly on funds deposited into this account and the only minimum balance required is the $5 membership deposit. By maintaining this minimum balance at all times in this account, you have access to the many products and services offered by Educational Systems Federal Credit Union.

Keep in mind that once you’re a member, you’re always a member, even if you leave your place of employment. Membership is based on your employer or family relationship at the time of Credit Union enrollment and maintaining the required minimum balance.

Q: How do I open a new certificate account?
A: Certificate accounts may be opened online, once you have an established membership account. Click here for more information about our certificate accounts.

Q: How do I order checks online?
A: Log in to Digital Banking. Click on “Reorder Checks” from the left side bar menu. This will bring you to Harland Clark’s website. Please note that the following types of check orders need to be requested by speaking to a Credit Union employee:

  • Initial checks
  • Orders that haven’t been placed within the past four years
  • Checks for Star Members
  • Checks for Money Market Accounts or Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) 

Q: How do I change my Password?
A: Log in to Digital Banking and click on the gears icon located on the right and select “Password Reset”.

Q: How do I stop payment on a check?
A: Stop payments may be requested during business hours by phone or in person. The fee for this service is outlined in our fee schedule. There is no fee if the stop payment is requested online through Digital Banking.

Q: How do I deposit a check using the ATM?
A: Please follow our step-by-step guide to deposit a check at our ATM.

Q: How do I pay my loan?
A: You may mail your loan payment, pay online by transferring funds from a checking/savings account (please note that you must be set up for Digital Banking), or you may pay in person at any of our branch offices. In addition, you may set up a debit from another bank account or create a distribution from a direct deposit or payroll deduction.

Q: How do I report a fraud?
A: Click here for our Fraud Packet.

Q: How do I report a lost or stolen card?
A: Call 301.779.8500 immediately.

Q: How do I activate my card?
A: Call 888.323.6971.

Q: How do I change my address?
A: All address changes must be done in writing, signed by the account owner and received by one of our branch offices. This can also be done through Digital Banking.

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