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Using Debit and Credit Cards While Traveling category tag image

Using Debit and Credit Cards While Traveling

Using debit and credit cards while traveling

Q: How can I ensure my card will work when I travel?
A: Prior to traveling internationally or significant distances from your home, call us at 301.779.8500 to let us know your travel dates and destination. In addition, please give us your updated mobile phone number so we can reach you to validate transactions that trigger our Fraud Prevention Services.

Q: What happens if fraud is detected on my card?
A: If your card is detected as being used fraudulently, your card will be deactivated until our Fraud Prevention Services can reach you and validate your transaction. This is why it's important to provide the Credit Union with your current mobile phone number.

Q: Will my cards work at retailers outside of the United States?
A: Your Educational Systems FCU debit or Visa® credit card will work at most international retailers. Many retailers are now accepting EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) cards. These are cards that include a computer chip that authenticates your financial information as you make your purchase. Our cards include EMV technology.

Q: Can I get cash at international ATMs?
A: Yes, you can make withdrawals at international ATMs using your debit card. However, credit card cash advances at ATMs outside of the United States are not possible at this time.

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